DUO-λOCK® A revolutionary joint technology partnership and development

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Igenhausen and Latrobe: In an agreement signed May 09th, 2014, Kennametal Inc. and Haimer GmbH have agreed to a revolutionary joint technology partnership and development cooperation for modular cutting tool systems (Image 01). The agreement involves a significant cross license model and a long term partnership. “This agreement is a perfect fit because it illustrates both Haimer and Kennametal as leaders in high-end innovative technologies for world manufacturing,” states Carlos Cardoso, chairman, president and CEO of Kennametal Inc. 

For the very first time at IMTS 2014, both companies together will introduce the new modular interface DUO-LOCK™ for carbide cutting tool heads (Image 02). The companies combine their toolholding and carbide knowledge to provide solutions for high performance milling applications with a revolutionary modular system. Like SAFE-LOCK™, DUO-LOCK™ system will be offered as a license to leading high-end cutting tool companies to establish a compatible, high-performance modular endmill system. 

John Jacko, Vice President and CMO of Kennametal, explains: “Working with world-class partners like Haimer demonstrates our commitment to Different Thinking”. Andreas Haimer President of Haimer Group adds: “This is a full-system partnership between companies with identical philosophies, highest innovation strength and passion for precision.”

For the past few years the cost of carbide is consistently increasing. Following this trend Haimer and Kennametal have developed DUO-LOCK™, which is the most rigid and most precise interface in the market place and virtually unbreakable. Oliver Sax, Director Product Management at Haimer explains: „The current existing modular tool systems have their weakness in the interface. Due to this fact the full potential of the cutting heads can`t be used because of tool breakage.”  Colleen Cordova Vice President Industrial Marketing at Kennametal adds: “Haimer and Kennametal have been able to create a modular interface based on maximum stability that allows the user to make full use of the carbide tool potential!”

The DUO-LOCK™ technology provides maximum stability, load capacity and high runout precision based on an innovative thread design with a proprietary double cone connection and an additional third supporting area in the back of the interface. 

During IMTS both companies will introduce a new portfolio of cutting heads and mono-block screw fit tool holders with DUO-LOCK™ technology in all relevant spindle interfaces and extensions (Image 03). Also new modular cutting tool heads with longer length than currently available in the market place will be added to their product portfolio in order to take aggressive cuts also in the aerospace and energy industry.

Doug Ewald, Director Product Management System Tooling at Kennametal says: “The system guarantees 5 µm runout accuracy and a Z accuracy of 10 µm which will eliminate most of the expensive presetting processes.” The superior features of the DUO-LOCK™ technology will provide significantly increased metal removal rates at milling applications and longer tool life. For the first time a modular milling system can achieve similiar high performance of a latest generation solid carbide endmill. 

This can be seen in the chart on Image 04 in the attachment where the DUO-LOCK™ system has proven milling performance of 1.5 times diameter depth of cut and widens the application of modular milling systems compared with current competitive systems. As a result a significant productivity advantage in terms of metal removal rate shown in Image 05 can be achieved. The DUO-LOCK™ system can more than double the metal removal rate (MRR) in common milling applications. 

In contrast to other systems in the market both companies do not want to limit the DUO-LOCK™ system to Haimer and Kennametal only. The partners are currently in discussions with additional leading cutting tool companies to offer customers multiple sources of different manufacturers with one compatible interface.

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