What is Duosolusi difference with others

Q: What the difference between DUO Solusi compare to other trading company?
A: We are not a trading company, we are an Engineering based company, we provide customize solution, therefore it’s unique to every customer.

Q: Could customer send the request of items to have DUO Solusi provides quote?
A: Yes & No, we prefer to visit your office/plant to see your existing process or at least some pictures and video discussion, subsequently we provide the best possible solution.

Q: What application solution does Duo Solusi provides ?
A: We provide technology transfer based on our experiences world wide, every application is unique to a specific customer.

Q: What solution’s assurance Duo Solusi provides?
A: We will attend every single issue until it solves.

Q: Does DUO Solusi provides consultation for a new set up company?
A: Absolutely, we have over 30 years experiences in the field of metal cutting, injection and aerospace machining.

Q: What is meaning of DUO Solusi?
A: DUO means two, WE and CUSTOMER as two, meaning “WIN-WIN”, if customer does not make money, we don’t make money!