Shrinking Tools - but digital please!

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HAIMER presents its Industry 4.0-ready and network compatible Power Clamp i4.0 shrink fit machine line. The ergonomic shrinking stations with their patented NG coil are suitable for all solid carbide and HSS tools in the diameter range from 3 to 32 mm and come with an intuitive, easy-to-use software. The shopfloor-ready 7" touch display can even be operated with thin work gloves. Upon request, HAIMER equips the Power Clamp i4.0 machines with a motorized coil and a scanner that reads out shrinking parameters from data matrix codes. This ensures reliable, easy and automated shrinking.

The Power Clamp i4.0 series covers a wide spectrum of equipment options. The most flexible version is the Power Clamp Sprint i4.0. It is suitable for the smooth and clean cooling of all kinds of shrink fit chucks and shrink fit collets regardless of the outside contour by air nozzles and mist. Dirt and water residues are reliably avoided. In addition, a temperature control ensures optimized and safe cooling. The Power Clamp Sprint i4.0 can optionally be equipped with a length presetting device.

The high-end version of the i4.0 machines is the Power Clamp Premium i4.0. It includes a special feature: the automatic cooling station indication for the five stations, which ensures a simple, fast and safe contact cooling process.


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