Leader in Europe for the production of precision granite instruments and high precision granite structures and bases for different sectors such as machine-tools, CMM (coordinate measuring machines), optical machines, microelectronic machines, test benches, circuit boards drilling machines, machines for the solar and photovoltaic sector, precision components for automotive, aerospace and industrial markets.

DUO Solution & Technology, is a partner of Italian and France Metrology manufacturer of high precision measuring and control instruments made of granite, alumina ceramic and silicon carbide. Thanks to a constantly updated machinery and technology aligned to the highest quality standards, is able to meet any request of the Customer, with tailor-made “turnkey” solutions, granites according to drawings (even of large dimensions), precision assembly of components and mechanical equipments, and high precision electronic measuring instruments, including electronic levels.

Product Categories

Granite products

In this category you can find all the standard granite precision measuring instruments: granite surface plates, available in different degrees of accuracy (according to ISO8512-2 standard or DIN876/0 and 00, to the granite rules – both linear or flat and parallel – to the control set squares (90°) – provided two degrees of accuracy for laboratory use and workshop; parallelepipeds, cubes, prisms, cylinders, complete the range of precision tools suitable for flatness, squareness, perpendicularity, parallelism, and roundness testing. In addition to the standard catalog production, the DUO Solution & Technology provides custom tools with dimensions and tolerances according to the specific needs of the customer.

Granite Workings

Threaded inserts on granite

The standard AISI303 stainless steel threaded inserts (according to the table) are applied with epoxy resin on surfaces for component fixing on the granite structure and tested for traction resistance.

The DUO Solution & Technology can supply, on request, special inserts or bushes, with dimensions, steps and tolerances other than standard ones, or inserts provided by the Customer.

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