Polishing System
piggySonic®Mark 3 works with the latest ultrasonic technology. While holding the hand piece you will notice its outstanding qualities immediately. It is extremely handy, the cable is thin and flexible and the holders are worked neatly. Switch on the control unit, it will search for the optimal frequency, now adjust the output and off you go. In practice the combination of ceramic-fibre file and ultrasonic-system is unbeatable.

This combination allows you to remove the hard erosion skin rapidly and cleanly. You will achieve a perfect initial area for following processing steps.


piggyWelder® 3 Power+
Welding has never been so easy. Nor so powerful either. Never as quick at any rate. With a piggyWelder® it was always easy to weld simply and quickly. The brand new piggyWelder® 3 Power+ gets the job done even faster and easier. More powerfully than ever before.

piggy® LaserMarker

Tattoo your moulds, inserts . . . quickly, easily, always legibly and durably. It looks professional and highlights the quality of your moulds or tools. If you then mark all the components of your mould with a barcode or QR code too, you can easily identify your parts at any time with a handy scanner – or with your smartphone. This results in a whole range of interesting possibilities for optimising your workflow.

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