System Integration

Factory Automation

Our expertise in providing automation technology Automation can be integrated into the factory as a whole touching each process within the factory. Factory automation includes robotic systems for assembly, and conveyor and sorting systems for parts & materials movement, packaging, and fulfillment. The possibilities are endless, but the goal for optimized efficiency is unanimous..


Part Set-up

Automation saves time, money, and energy. Even at the most preliminary machining preparation levels, automating part set-up can greatly improve your efficiency. Part set-up can be automated through measuring systems, tool probes, and spindle probes, saving you time on measuring, positioning, and executing programs.

Collaborative Robots

A collaborative robot (cobot), unlike standard industrial robotics, are designed to physically interact with humans and work alongside them in a shared workspace. Cobots are uniquely designed with sensors that allow the cobot to detect and avoid abnormal activity within the environment. This feature allows a person to work safely in close proximity to the cobot. Find the right cobot solution for your shop and MAKE MORE.

Lean Cell / Production Movement

Save time and energy while increasing your productivity. Lean cells are designed and equipped with robotic arms and storage with modular capabilities to work with most CNC machining set-ups. Let the robotic armload material, reposition parts, change tools, and unload finished parts, reducing human attendance and non-cutting time, while improving your efficiency.


Robotics automation comes in several forms including handling, loading, and unloading, transporting, repositioning, measuring, and inspection of machines, parts, and materials. Robotics allows you to remove the human attendant and provide hands-free production and execution of machining. Speed up your output, enhance your productivity, and increase your profitability with robotics.

Production Set-up

Once you have your materials and machine calibrated, automating your production set-up is the next big step in enhancing your efficiency. Barfeeders, pallet systems, tool pre-setters, gantry loaders, tool probes, and spindle probes can all be utilized to reduce your set-up time, attendance time, and non-cutting time. Several of these systems are designed to continue loading and unloading materials and parts to minimize human attendance while machining and increase your output.
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