Training and Installation

Our experienced applications engineers can give you demonstrations to present the true potential that our products can have for your production facility. If it is more convenient for you, we can also come directly to your location and show you the potential of our products, specifically for your needs. Naturally, this is non-binding and there are no cost for you ! For the professional use and propper handling of our machines and products, we offer education and training program for your specific requirements, in order to continually educate both you and your employees. The training can be done together with a new machine at installation, or anytime that convenient for you.
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Maintenance and Repair

A regular service check from an experienced DUO SOLUSI application engineer results in the early detection of worn parts and thus perserving the desired state of your machine. Wether small or large after-scale service is required, with DUO SOLUSI you receive the correct service contract to fit your needs. If there ever is an issue with your machine, or you just need a modification, our application engineers are always available for you, even on-site. Our experienced service colleagues have fast reaction times and can solve any and all possible issues quickly and reliably, anywhere in the world.

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