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We at HAIMER see ourselves as a system provider along the complete value chain of tool holding. With our extensive tool holder program, a associated balancing and shrinking technology, our tool management logistic system, as well as the 3D measuring instruments and our new power mill tools, we are offering you a perfectly coordinated product portofolio.

Take advantage of our full technical know-how and many years of experience in tool holding technology. With our products we support you reducing your manufacturing costs sustainably and achieving a long term competitive advantage for your company.

Product Categories

Power Shrink Chuck

DIN 69893-1 · HSK-A63


Shrink fit chuck suitable to all inductive shrink fit units.

The Power Shrink Chuck is the shrink fit chuck for highest machining capacity in high-speed manufacturing. The optimized design combines high rigidity with dampening vibrations, therefore giving more protection to machines, spindles and tools.

  • Increased machining capacity due to higher spindle speed, higher feed and larger cutting depth
  • Shorter processing times
  • Higher machining accuracy
  • With threaded holes in order to balance with balancing screws
  • Cool Jet bores that can be sealed included
  • Cooling with Cool Flash for an extra charge

The long versions (A = 130 and 160 mm) with slim tips are especially versatile to use.

  • High rigidity
  • Slim at the tip
  • Dampen vibrations
  • High clamping force
  • Equally suited to high-speed manufacturing and heavy milling
  • Universal usage, saves space in tool magazine
  • Technical data subjects to change without prior notice.

The most important features:

  1. High runout accuracy (< 0.003 mm)
  2. Low tendency towards vibrations by optimised outer geometry
  3. Slim design at the top
  4. Very rigid shank
  5. Standard with Cool Jet (can be resealed)
  6. Dirt groove in the clamping bore for safe clamping force
  7. Safe-Lock™ (optional)

Presetting Technology

Save time and money, improve workpiece quality

The efficient tool presetting equipment from HAIMER Microset optimises your machining processes from the ground up. Improve your tool life, generate better surface finishes and boost overall process reliability in your production.

  • Minimise the idle time of your machines
  • Minimise rejects and tool costs
  • Increase process reliability in your production
  • Improve your tool life
  • Generate consistent quality in your product

Reduce up to 70 % of your setup time!

Setup time without tool presetting – total time of 250 seconds
Enter correction value, measure hole, clamp tool
Bore the diameter and length of the hole, measure the depth and diameter of the hole, calculate correction, adjust tool
Setup time with tool presetting – total time of 70 seconds
Enter correction value, measure hole, clamp tool
Setup time reduction: Avoided: Sizing of the diameter and length of the bore, measure the depth and diameter of the hole, calculate correction, adjust tool

3D-Sensor New Generation

Save time and money, improve workpiece quality

The 3D-Sensor New Generation is a further development of our worldwide accepted and proven Universal 3DSensor.

Its distinguishing features are improved mechanics and a new and compact design.


  • Compact and easy to grip casing, no restriction to working area
  • Precise display of spindle position with large 1/100 mm dial gauge (2 hands)
  • Utmost precision of 0.01 mm
  • Marked overrun distance (safety distance)
  • IP 67 waterproof


  • Aligning machine spindles to work piece edges and reference edges (X-, Y-, Z-axis)
  • Set zeros
  • Centre borings and shafts
  • Measuring lengths and depths
  • Checking straightness and levelness of surfaces
  • Aligning work pieces and vices
  • Quick, without calculations, no mistakes with algebraic signs

Balancing Machine

Tool Dynamic TD 1002


Balancing machine to balance tool holders on 1 plane.

The Tool Dynamic TD 1002 is your start into the modular balancing system of the Tool Dynamic series. Designed as a table and complementary machine, it is the ideal solution for mould makers, small batch lots, single applications and standard chucks. The Tool Dynamic TD 1002 measures and compensates the unbalance in one plane (static). Therefore it is perfect for balancing short tool holders and tools because of the couple unbalance being very low. The device is operated via the integrated keyboard and screen.

Picture shows balancing machine TD 1002 with optional runout measuring device.

Technical data subject to change without prior notice.

TD 1002: Balancing of grinding wheels

  • TD 1002 optimised for balancing grinding wheels
  • Clamping by adapter with automatic clamping system for grinding arbors (HSK or SK)
  • Clamping by balancing arbor for balancing of each grinding wheel separatly
  • Optional runout measuring device for an easy and reliable check of your grinding wheel’s runout and axial runout.
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