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The ultimate Industry 4.0 machine monitoring system. At the cost of a coffee per day.

Connecting the dots and dashes

Improving machine capacity utilization is key to operational scalability and profitability. Leanworx presents an exceptional fusion of AI, IoT, and Cloud to bring you a seamless experience in machine monitoring to take on manufacturing challenges head-on. Stay connected with your machines 24/7, access data on the go and make real-time decisions instantly to keep your machines humming – efficiently and profitably.
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Solutions - machine monitoring system

Leanworx machine monitoring system gives you data from your machines 24/7, enables you to improve manufacturing profits by reducing waste of machine capacity, and improving OEE. It gets accurate and timely data from your machines to your computer network, and shows you information that you can act upon. It also has interfaces to all your other software and hardware like ERP, maintenance, logistics, etc. to give them accurate and instant data.
We have experience in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, and bring all our extensive experience to the table to improve your profits. We help you deploy Leanworx machine monitoring system, get the benefits from it, and guide you through the culture change required to spread it through your organization. Our team of manufacturing and data analytics specialists work with you to do this. Our extremely high level of innovation ensures that Leanworx is always a few steps ahead of your requirement.

Solutions - machine monitoring system

Machine monitoring system for any machine

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