ECOROLL tools and machines finish metal surfaces by forming of the boundary layer. One or more rollers mounted in a tool are pressed against the surface of a component so that the material flows and the peak-tovalley height is levelled. Either the tool or the work piece rotates, or both, depending on the type of machining. This machining smooths the surface and increases the service life of the component. According to the application the process is called roller burnishing (smooth surface finish), or deep rolling (extend service life).

Because of the great economy of this process and the improved quality of product, ECOROLL tools and machines are used in numerous industries. The smooth surface finishes are suitable e.g. for seal counter faces. The increased fatigue strength prevent material fatigue and failure of highly stressed components in machinery, vehicles, aircraft and power stations and in medical engineering.

In addition to this the unique HG tool series was further enhanced. The rolling force of these so-called “ballpoint” tools is applied via one (or more) hydrostatically mounted ball which is pressurized from the reverse side and pressed against the metallic surface like a ballpoint pen on paper. The ball is practically frictionless and free to move on all sides. These tools allow themselves to be easily adapted to the work piece and thus enable machining of complex contours and free-formed surfaces.

ECOROLL AG also provides roller burnishing and deep rolling machines for particular applications. These machines are suitable for centerless roller burnishing or deep rolling continuous cylindrical rods or shouldered components or concave fillets on screws as well.

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