National Inventaion and Creation Award.

One objective of the creation is to provide a visible positioning cutting edge angle of tool that enables a user to rapidly review the cutting edge angle of the tool and facilitates adjustment and alignment. With the patented technology, a tool can be well positioned in a single operation without the need of repeated adjustment, and the cutting edge angle of the tool can be easily reviewed and aligned so that one or more a tool having one or more cutting edges can be sharpened conveniently. The overall operation for tool positioning and calibration is effort- and time-saving. Additionally, the creation can sharpen a drill bit without using any auxiliary, making the sharpening work efficient and accurate. Another objective of the invention is to provide a visible positioning cutting edge angle of tool that adaptable to tools of different lengths.
This creation has the following advantages: 1. Accurate positioning is ensured independent of variation of the central thickness of the drill bit. 2. For small-diameter drill bits, a magnifier may be added to provide visual benefits. 3. The operation is simple and thus facilitates standardization. 4. Depending on needs, a movable chuck set may be used with a cutting edge corrector for re-positioning. With the given cutting edge, the flute is enlarged to prevent chip building up when long holes are drilled.
This creation enables any operator to well sharpen a drill bit like a skilled worker, and allows a tool to be well positioned in a single operation, also facilitating standardization. A normal operator can become an expert-class sharping master after three to five times of exercise.
The drill bit sharpener with the visible cutting edge addresses the shortcoming related to use and positioning of all the conventional sharpeners using dials and is suitable for tool processing and sharpening in various industries, satisfying international consumers’ needs.
This creation has extensive applications! All the challenges of drill bit positioning during tool sharpening can be overcome, effectively eliminating the problems of the existing tool sharpening solutions! Facilitating industrial upgrading and benefiting people, the device is absolutely an innovative and advanced product.

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