Save time with piggySonic® Mark 3

The only way to really save time is using the right equipment. With our piggySonic® Mark 3 for example. It provides you 3 great possibilities with only one control unit.1.

Ultrasonic polishing system piggySonic® Mark 3 works with state-of-the-art ultrasound technology. It off ers you up to 30,000 strokes per second with a maximum stroke length of 40 μm. This short stroke and high speed off er you the perfect prerequisites for time-saving processing of the diffi cult surfaces in a mould. The combination of a ceramic fi bre fi le and ultrasound system is unbeatable in practice. It allows you to remove the hard erosion skin rapidly and cleanly so that an optimum initial surface for the subsequent processing stages is obtained.

2. Brushless micromotors with up to 300 watts piggySonic® Mark 3 works with a brushless micromotor up to 300 watts. This allows you to powerfully grind and polish. It does not stop at that however: The 300-watt output is available to you in three speed ranges: 1000 to 15,000 rpm, 15,000 to 30,000 rpm, 30,000 to 50,000 rpm.

3. Micromotors with carbon brushes Here you have the possibility of connecting a fi ling machine for example and of processing the surfaces more quickly with larger tools. Furthermore, you have the complete PowerHand micromotor system available. Angle heads, swingHandy with an interesting horizontal stroke, 2 powerful fi ling devices and a belt grinder. If you then stand the piggySonic® Mark 3 on the piggy®Cabinet, you will have everything tidy and within easy reach. So you´ll save space, improve your organisation and also save a lot of money. For: Although the piggySonic® Mark 3 can do considerably more than any other systems on the market, you get it for a sensational price.

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