The locking of the FWR – which is familiar from the MATCH end-of-arm-ecosystem – makes it possible to change the tool by means of a simple storage station solely using the movement of the robot. This way, no energy supply is required for the change operation and there is no need to activate the tool changer. Another advantage is that the tool changer not only enables automatic joining and releasing with robots, but that this can also be done easily with bare hands and without any tools. The possible applications of the new FWR range from an occasional manual change to use in fully automated robot cells. If the FWR is used for an automated change, manual actuation can be blocked very easily by unscrewing two screws. This prevents unwanted uncoupling of the loose part.

The modular design offers additional freedoms: If needed, energy elements from the extensive Zimmer Group product line can be connected to the FWR, making it possible to adapt the tool changer to nearly any application. This makes it possible to use already existing energy elements, for example to transmit signals via the interface. Air and vacuum transmission is already integrated into the tool changer.

The tool changer can be installed directly on a robot flange in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1. The FWR series will be available in four installation sizes from TKØ40 to TKØ80 and covers handling weights in the low to medium rang

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