Balancing module, automatic with Profibus

3.AB340SM3.C.DPV1 (without AE acoustic emission)
3.AB340SM3.C.KM.V1X.DPV1 (X = AE-Filter canal 1)
3.AB340SM3.C.KM.V2XY.DPV1 (X = AE-Filter canal 1; Y= AE-Filter canal 2)

For fully automatic balancing on grinding machines

  • Contactless CONLESS control
  • Compatible with all MPM-CONLESS balancers
  • Optionally with 1 or 2-channel AE acoustic emission connection
  • CAN-Bus data output
  • Profibus data output
  • Automatic and manual balancing in 2 planes
  • (with 2nd vibration sensor)
  • Short delivery time

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