GLOBAL FIRST: Locks without a key

The new development locks a door automatically when it is closed. During the locking process, no key is necessary. That increases security against unauthorised intrusion. Still, the door is opened from the inside just by actuating the handle and so has the character of an escape door. The lock case assortment comprises variants in function, dimension and design possibilities. The global first can be retrofitted and can replace the standard version.

“Closed and secure. Our new lock case with self-locking can be described that simply. If the door falls shut in the lock, it’s already locked and protected from break-in,” reports Kay Kuchelmeister, Key Account Manager at Andreas Maier GmbH & Co. KG (AMF) in Fellbach. With the 140 PS lock, AMF is the first manufacturer to present a lock case that automatically locks after the door closes. Users no longer have to lock the door with a key. But while it protects against unwanted penetration, it can be opened easily with a key. But from the inside, no key is needed to open the door. When the handle is actuated, the door unlocks automatically. That also provides security in flight situations. And in daily operation, the annoying fumbling for the right key is over. 

Retrofittable security with modern aspects

The new 140 PS lock case is a mechanically self-locking galvanised lock with one-piece spindle and polished stainless steel fore-end. The case width is either 30 mm with 2.5 mm thick sheet metal or 40 mm with 3 mm thickness. Both variants are in the manufacturer’s assortment as DIN L left or DIN R right in the door direction. The new lock case is prepared for a profile cylinder with night latch. The model 140 PS including AMF lever rose set no. 494 is delivered with a 60 mm backset and 8 mm spindle. The distance between lever rose and cylinder is 72 mm. The manufacturer also offers lever handle sets and fittings.

If the lock case is ordered alone, existing lever handle sets can be used. And so the lock adapts to the overall design of a system. Moreover, the lock case can be retrofitted with the self-locking mechanism where the standard lock case was previously installed. Despite the greater function, the dimensions of the 140 PS remain the same. Accordingly, modern safety aspects can also be retrofitted into existing systems without sacrificing function or design. And the traditional AMF lock quality promises life-long functioning following the manufacturer’s motto: “Install it and forget it.”

Lock quality since 1890, noblesse oblige

Quality locks from AMF have been produced in Germany since 1890. All parts, including the springs, are fully galvanised. That prevents corrosion and promises life-long functional reliability. Spring bolt and bolt can be optionally made of brass or die-cast zinc. Thanks to movable solid sleeves, the lock case can be installed easily and screwed to the lock without distortion. The quality standard of AMF results from its past. When the company founder Andreas Maier in 1890 established the only lock factory in Württemberg – even today – he could lock back on a successful apprenticeship with the master locksmith of King Karl of Württemberg. And “noblesse oblige”, as is well known.

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